Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Public meeting tonight

Here's something worthwhile I can talk about , the public meetings we do in work. It's a set of meetings where we arrange for a group of medical experts to give lectures on health topics such as asthma, cancer screening (tonight), sexual health, obesity etc. and then the floor is opened to the people attending to ask their questions. We've had a series of really good chairs and I for one really get a kick out of doing them. We've got our audience of regulars and it's really nice to see the same faces coming back and every time there is a new meeting we get some new faces attending. Tonight's topic was cancer screening, what it is and why and when and for who. One thing that struck me tho was that the national cervical screening programme has an objective of mailing out to every woman who hits 50 with a notice to suggest she go and get a smear test. Because that is the age when you have to start watching out for signs. But honestly, just having turned 50 I have to say if a letter like that arrived with the birthday cards, it would sort of burst my bubble on the day - maybe the target age could be 49 or 51 or something that is not quite such a milestone. I mean, 21, you get the key of the door, 50 you get the medical letter .......ouch!


Monday, February 16, 2009

10 good things about doing this blogging thing here on this site

Well, if I'm doing this, there has to be a reason, right? So let's see what 10 good things I can think of right now..
  1. You can say pretty much whatever you like, without fear of interruption while you are saying it
  2. If you remember the log in you can come back to the post some years later and wonder what the hell provoked you to do this in the first place
  3. If you make it public random people can come along and wonder what the hell provoked you to do this in the first place
  4. You can automatically post stories from Digg it (I found that one out last night in the wee small hours). You can then scroll through them and wonder what the hell provoked you to do this....
  5. If you are not a ditz like I am you can automatically post pictures and stories to your CHOSEN blogspot from your mobile instead of to another one on the same site with a different login
  6. But if you are a ditz like I am you can post a link to it in the blog list box
  7. Your family will have authentic material to use when they are having you certified
  8. You can pretend to yourself that you are wonderfully articulate and interesting
  9. You can swiftly run out of ideas
  10. You can wonder what the hell provoked you to do this in the first place
  11. And then you can press a button and lo and behold

10 Reasons Why Facebook Is for Old Fogies

For what began with college students has found its fullest, richest expression with us, the middle-aged. Here are 10 reasons Facebook is for old fogies:

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Wash. burglary victim drives off in thieves' van

A man in Washington state made sure a pair of burglars didn't get away with his three flat-screen televisions

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A World Without Chocolate?

It's hard to imagine Valentine's Day without chocolate, but some scientists say that it's possible that chocolate could one day be in short supply. What would the world be like without this decadent, delectable and divine dessert?

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