Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chloe’s Diet Update

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This is madam in her usual position, waiting for dinner to be served. 

She likes to pretend that she is a poor sadly neglected creature at mealtimes. Because her RD food is so rationed and she eats so quickly she always gets served last, to give the others time to get started before she begins her campaign for seconds. 

But she has become very good, if a human will stay around while the scoffing is going on, she will come over and lean, sadly, against their legs and not actually bully Tim or attempt to vibe Izzy (which is a complete waste of time as Izzy will have none of it!)

While her weight hasn’t decreased a great deal between weigh-ins which is a bit disappointing, she is no longer the heaviest dog in the house as Izzy, the rescued Old English sheepdog, has finally managed to get to the proper weight for her size.

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