Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Chloe diet update!

DSC00416 Well, we went to see Auntie Victoria today and lo and  behold, Chloe is at the top of her class again!  She has lost 4 (count that!  4!!!! ) kilos since last weigh in. Since she was last measured she has lost 3 cm from her neck and 5 cm from her waist!  Chloe was so pleased she couldn’t bear to get off the scales and when first Timmy and then Izzy got weighed, she tried to join in.  She got so much praise she almost didn’t notice that she also got her annual shots. 

I know it isn’t really vital to have a visit to the vet’s office to check her progress, because I can see how well she is doing, but it really does work out to bring a dog to the vet’s office when nothing is actually wrong and no shots are due. All three of my beasties are now completely relaxed when they attend so when it is a really necessary visit, such as today when both Tim and Chloe were due their innoculations it was not half as stressful for them. 

Progress Report

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