Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anything Izzy can do....

Yea!  Anything that Diva can do, I can do better! I was here first .. see my title? Princess Chloe the FIRST!  Eat shoes?  I got the heels of Jenny's best shoes long before Dizzy Busy Izzy was a twinkle in her pedigree papa's eye. If I could get near near her new hiking boots, she won't be overcoming any mountains with them.  Demolish stuff... I've taken out the glass panel in the back door (twice) and the flattened the bathroom cabinet with my head.

Just because some people are cute and fluffy doesn't mean they can march in and take over Baskerville Manor - I'm the in-charge dog round here, and don't anybody forget it.

I've had words with Yours Truly, Confused, and she's seen the error of her ways so I am pleased to announce the arrival of my personal blog - Princess Chloe the First.

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  1. In spite of her strong words above, Chloe is currently nursing a nicked ear following a run-in with Izzy over a biscuit. Unfortunately for Chloe, she is very good at starting scraps, and Izzy is very good at finishing them :)