Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Timmie’s new dining arrangement


Timmie has been getting a little stiff lately. He doesn’t like coming down the stairs without an escort and he has trouble getting to his feet on the laminate floor – which is a great excuse for the proprietor not to polish it!

He’s been unhappy at mealtimes for the last week or two – he would start to eat, back off, circle the bowl and then try again, but it was clear he’s been having difficulty bending down to get his grub or have a drink. Unlike Chloe, who will eat in any position, Timmie is a gentleman and likes to be formal at dinner, so he won’t eat or drink lying down. Being something of a magpie, I couldn’t quite bear to get rid of the Roses tins left over from Christmas, and now I’m really pleased I didn’t – they are just the right height and balance to hold his bowl in just the right place so Timmie can concentrate on getting his calories.

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