Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Repurposing garden items


This local cat likes to visit Baskerville Manor parklands during the night, investigate the outbuildings, and give anything that resembles wood a good scratch. This has led to much consternation among the canine population and a fatwah has been declared.

Generally speaking, when out walking in the neighbourhood, the beasties are  always delighted to charge any cat that crosses their path, but when this particular puss appears, the excitement quickly escalates into an all-out riot where bins are knocked over, gates crashed and humans scattered.

The humans in the cat’s house are wise to his proclivity and have recently added mesh guards around their newly-planted trees and shrubs. Unfortunately for said newly-planted trees and shrubs, Puss is undeterred, and likes to enjoy a snooze in what seems to be the cosy space between the mesh and the not so protected tree.  He has also taken to standing in the street until the three stooges notice him, then quickly scarper into his little sanctuary, where he can smugly observe the canine confusion as they struggle to drag themselves (and me, desperately hanging on to the lamp post, the gate post or anything solid) over the wall.  It has not yet occurred to Puss that one of these days I’m going to have to let go, and the combined digging and demolition talent shared by the Baskerville Beasties will wreak havoc on his refuge.

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