Sunday, March 11, 2012

You get what you pay for…


The Diva does not like getting her hair brushed. Period.  This is somewhat unfortunate as she is the hairiest resident of Baskerville Manor and possesses the kind of coat that develops mats and tangles almost instantly.

While I really do understand that The Diva’s time would be far better spent attaching various items from the garden on her head, back, and rump, and sweeping up unsuspecting beetles and other crawly things in her paws as she trundles about, it’s not really healthy for her to have matted hair, her skin needs to get some air from time to time, or she will develop itchy and sore patches.


The Diva often registers her objection to this procedure by attempting to remove the offending brush from my hand while I’m busy trying simultaneously hold her in a half-nelson and brush out the snags and debris.  Most of the time, I am able to rescue the brush, but if I am not careful about where I leave the brushes between wrestling bouts, she confiscates and destroys them. 

Dog brushes don’t usually come cheap, so I was happy to find packs of the things for about 2 Euro in one of those bargain shops in town. I was even happier to find the brushes could get through the carpet that The Diva wears in place of a normal dog coat. 

IMG00204-20120311-1317However, during one hairdressing smack down with her, I started to find what looked like tiny nails embedded in her coat.  I thought she had decided to roll in the Resident Male’s toolbox.  I pondered about where we had been walking, was there some kind of fence she had decided to scratch herself against?  I was worried that she might swallow some of them while engaged in what she laughably seems to be believe is grooming herself (licking the tangled bits so they get nice and wet and matted).  Then I looked at the hairbrush  and found it had become somewhat toothless.  So.. after spending almost a whole morning picking the things out of her coat, I’m off to buy yet another expensive dog brush.  Here’s hoping it survives…

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