Monday, July 30, 2012

Families moving on

This has been a very up and down month – up because my niece Jenny and her family moved in to Baskerville Manor early in the month, down because they did so while preparing to leave Ireland forever.   For the most part it was great fun. Sometimes the enormity of the step they were about to take came out in little bouts of stressfulness, which was only to be expected. I find it hard to write about because although they are doing the right thing, fulfilling a plan that has been in development ever since Jenny was a teenager, it hurt like hell to see them go.

During the same period another family had quietly moved into Baskerville Manor and were taking their own steps towards a major transition. Thankfully, Jenny’s husband, George, had control of my camera most of the time, so he managed to catch some lovely moments as mum and dad raised their little brood, and eventually coaxed them out into the world – and here they are:

NB – you can find out how Jenny and family got along after their move in her Emigration Diary

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