Friday, February 7, 2014

Magpies for Margaret Rose

2013-11-30 15.35.11-1
2013-11-30 15.35.06
2013-11-30 15.35.46-1
Newsflash:  Baskerville Manor has an international audience!
Over on Occasional Stuff, Yours Truly Confused  has been following a series of blog challenges, one of which involved a guest post from a Baskerville Beastie – Perspective: Little Jet-Black
Following a comment from Aussie MR at Margaret Rose Stringer, Yours Truly Confused provided a census of the complete population of Baskerville Manor.  Anyhoo, the entire menagerie was totally thrilled when MR asked could she reblog the entire list – which she did, in All Creatures Are Beautiful (yes, indeed they are, MR!).
So when this lovely lady asked for pictures of the local magpies to compare them with Aussie magpies, we dug out the most recent ones we have.  Unfortunately these were taken through a bedroom window on a dull November day with a phone camera, so they are not very clear, but we promise MR faithfully we will be lurking in the back yard with a proper camera over the weekend to see if the little guys will venture out into the cold.
If anybody can come up with a reason why these magpies are attracted to the TV satellite dish, we would love to know.
Ooops, YTC forgot Boris the spider who lives in the laptop – here he is, checking out Twitter.


  1. Just checking to see if anybody can actually comment on these posts..

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  3. This is AMAZING, Deirdre! - your magpies are absolutely nothing like ours. You'd think they were a different breed! ...
    Erhmm ... maybe they are? Maybe the fact that there are 'magpies' all over the world doesn't mean they're related in any way ...? I shall post some of ours, if I can get any; but in the (almost) CBD they tend to sit up on TV aerials and such. Give it a go but.
    And yes please! - may I have some more?

  4. I had to go and Google them and yes, they are different families!
    Australian Magpie - Cracticidae family
    Eurasian Magpie - Chordata family

    Gosh, I feel really scientific and educated now :)