Monday, April 6, 2009

10 things about having multiple dogs: Part 1

  1. Feeding time:
    The image of the happy dogs scoffing the pet food enthusiastically is somewhat inaccurate. Tim the pensioner was a runt - hand reared, as he did not share feeding time with the rest of his litter, he never knew about this business of having to fight for the best teat or later the choicest ped food. Chloe the dieting dog has an eating disorder, she can't or won't stop. Izzy the new girl, according to her previous owner, didn't have much of an appetite, but she has developed a pretty good one since she arrived here. Tim likes to take his time and being a bit of a sleeveen, also likes to torture Chloe by waiting until she has finished before he starts. He likes to see her being admonished for taking his food. Chloe wolfs hers down and then tries to threaten Tim into backing off his meal. Izzy guzzles at a slightly more ladylike pace than Chloe, then sits right up against Tim and stares at his slowly diminishing rations. Chloe, worrying that the competition is going to get in ahead of her and launches an attack. Girls engage in a canine version of WWF smackdown, while Tim continues to nibble, completely unconcerned. See the earlier post on breakfast for more on this

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