Thursday, April 9, 2009

10 things about having multiple dogs: Part 2

Other dogs:
Are very interested when they see the canine convention out walking. Last night I looked down at the gang at the end of the lead and found an extra tail sticking up between the regular array of butts. We had been joined by a sawed-off collie who thought it was just brilliant to hang with the mob. He was just the right height to get in under all the legs. Try as I might I could not get him to depart. I accosted every person I saw on the street hoping they would recognise him and point out his home and was almost resigned to coming home with #4 when his mum came running out to retrieve him. Unfortunately he felt that it was far more fun to remain behind the furry barricade. Every time we tried to extract him my 3 thought it was only right to encircle the humans with leads and try to strangle them. Some time later 2 very dishevelled humans pried the refugee from the pile and staggered to their respective homes, completely knackered..

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